U of O Watch mission, in the words of Foucault...

"One knows … that the university and in a general way, all teaching systems, which appear simply to disseminate knowledge, are made to maintain a certain social class in power; and to exclude the instruments of power of another social class. … It seems to me that the real political task in a society such as ours is to criticise the workings of institutions, which appear to be both neutral and independent; to criticise and attack them in such a manner that the political violence which has always exercised itself obscurely through them will be unmasked, so that one can fight against them." -- Foucault, debating Chomsky, 1971.

U of O Watch mission, in the words of Socrates...

"An education obtained with money is worse than no education at all." -- Socrates

video of president allan rock at work

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Allan Rock submits to student scolding about delinquency at university senate

(See analysis in comments to post.)

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Denis Rancourt said...

OK, this development merits some analysis... Why would President Allan Rock send this email?

After all, the "normal" executive strategy would be to not respond to this one; to not admit error; to let it die.

Here is a theory:

Hickey publicly asked Rock to explain why Rock walked out of the last senate meeting... Hickey could demand an answer at the Monday October 3, 2011, senate meeting... Maybe Rock imagined that Hickey might know the reason Rock left... This email from Rock is clearly at-least-partly intended to shut down any further exploration of the matter...

Voila! That's my working hypothesis.

If true, then why did Rock leave? What was important enough for Rock to skip out on his statutory responsibility to attend senate? The question remains.