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"One knows … that the university and in a general way, all teaching systems, which appear simply to disseminate knowledge, are made to maintain a certain social class in power; and to exclude the instruments of power of another social class. … It seems to me that the real political task in a society such as ours is to criticise the workings of institutions, which appear to be both neutral and independent; to criticise and attack them in such a manner that the political violence which has always exercised itself obscurely through them will be unmasked, so that one can fight against them." -- Foucault, debating Chomsky, 1971.

U of O Watch mission, in the words of Socrates...

"An education obtained with money is worse than no education at all." -- Socrates

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OCLA asks Chief Justice Berverly McLachlin to investigate the conduct of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada

The Executive Director of the Ontario Civil Liberties Association has written a public letter to the Right Honourable Beverly McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada, asking her to investigate the conduct of the Registrar of the Supreme Court of Canada.

The concerns expressed by OCLA include the recent actions of the Registrar in "not accepting" both an application and a motion submitted by Denis Rancourt to the Court, as reported on this blog.

The letter, in part, reads:
"We are particularly concerned by the Registrar shielding his own decision from review by not placing a motion pursuant to Rule 78 before a judge of the Court, but rather returning the motion record to the unrepresented party. Even if the Registrar is correct in stating that Rule 78 “is not applicable,” it was inappropriate for him to get involved with a matter seeking to review his own decision, and it creates an apprehension of bias."

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Anonymous said...

Why would this go to the Supreme Court of Canada when it hasnt't yet passed by the Court of Appeal?