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U of O Watch mission, in the words of Socrates...

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video of president allan rock at work

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

U of O president Allan Rock has left the country

University of Ottawa president Allan Rock has left the country, was absent from chairing the monthly university senate meeting for the sixth time in a row on October 3rd, and his vice-presidents (VP-Governance, VP-Academic, and VP-Resources) don't know where he is:::

Allan Rock’s Senate Absence Continues: Francois Houle Shuts Off Senate Camera

All concerned members of the university community are asked to help locate president Allan Rock and to report on the business that is keeping him from his statutory responsibilities at senate.

The last entry on his blog was September 8, 2011.

Where has the president gone and what is he doing?


Denis Rancourt said...

And... when a university senate member asks at senate where president Rock is to be missing senate...

Well... the cameras are ordered OFF:

A Student's Eye-View report...

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder how the President could have scheduling conflicts. As everyone knows, for many, many years Senate meetings are held on the first Monday of every month. Is it really that hard when scheduling the President's agenda to first block off every first Monday of every month that Senate is in session and have everything else scheduled around that?

What can be more important for a President than the functions of Senate? Oh wait, I almost forgot. Senate is irrelevant since the University is actually run by the Administrative Committee:


Powers and Functions
The powers and functions of the Administrative Committee are the following:

- to manage the affairs of the University generally;

- to make recommendations on administrative matters;

- to make recommendations on budgetary policies and priorities;

- to exercise all the powers of the Board of Governors in relation to the appointment of academic and support staff, excluding the appointment to the positions of President, Vice-President, Vice-President and Secretary, Associate Vice-President, Dean, Vice-dean, Secretary of Faculty, Director of a School, Chairperson of Department, and Director of large services;

- to exercise the powers of the Board of Governors in relation to the determination of individual salaries, promotion and removal of members of the support staff, excluding the removal of persons whose appointment is not within the powers of the Administrative Committee as per d) above;

- to exercise the powers of the Board of Governors concerning the determination of individual salaries and promotion of unionized employees of the University, unless the Collective Agreement between the University and the union specifies otherwise;

- to approve, on behalf of the Board, staffing policies and procedures concerning the appointment, promotion, transfer, removal and salary structure of the non-unionized support staff.

The Committee consists of the following members:

- the President;

- the Vice-President Academic and Provost;

- the Vice-President, Research;

- the Vice-President, Resources;

- the Vice-President, External Relations;

- the Vice-President, Governance and Secretary.