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U of O Watch mission, in the words of Socrates...

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Champagne replies to UofOWatch - re Hickey grievance arbitration report

In posting our May 6, 2010, report about the Joseph Hickey grievance labour law arbitration hearing of May 5th, UofOWatch asked both sides (CUPE Local 2626 and University of Ottawa) to provide any corrections or comments for posting to the blog.

U of O corporate lawyer Andre Champagne replied today as follows. His complete email and the original UofOWatch email request are posted HERE.

Since his reply is in French, we translate it to the best of our ability as follows. (Our response is below.)
From: André Champagne
Date: 2010/5/7
Subject: RE: request for your corrections and comments about this report
To: Denis Rancourt <>

Dear Mr. Rancourt,

I have sent your text to arbitrator Mary Ellen Cummings for her comments and directives.

I ask that you immediately remove my photo from your site, the latter you have obtained without my consent. I am convinced that as a renowned and ardent defender of individual liberties, you will respect my liberty and my right to preserve at the very least my identity.

Regarding the text you have written and proposed, your characterization of the sequence of events, of the positions expressed, and of the outcome is the result, in my opinion, of a fertile imagination for which I grant you an A+.

André Champagne
Emond Harnden LLP
707, rue Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3V1
(613) 940-2735 direct line/ligne directe
(613) 563-7660 office/bureau
(613) 698-6030 cell
télécop/fax 563-8001

Chantal Martel
563-7660 Ext./Poste 284

The information in this e-mail is intended solely for the addressee(s) named, and is confidential. Any other distribution, disclosure or copying is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please reply by e-mail to the sender and delete or destroy all copies of this message. [and same in French]

UofOWatch response:

We are pleased that arbitrator Cummings will provide her comments and directives about our blog post of May 6, 2010.

We suggest to Mr. Champagne that if he wishes to "preserve" his identity that he remove his web page from the Emond Harnden LLP web site and that he refrain from participating in all legal proceedings on the public record.

As a professional who represents a renowned Canadian university, we are certain that Mr. Champagne has a broad sense of fair use regarding non-commercial independent media and public commentary.

Finally, we note that Mr. Champagne has not contradicted or questioned any specific statements or specific positions expressed in our May 6, 2010, posting.

We continue to welcome any and all specific corrections for posting to our blog.

1 comment:

liam said...

"respect my liberty and my right to preserve at the very least my identity."

Is he saying that, after his embarrasing performance, his identity is the only thing he has left? Would he ask the CBC not to show the picture he publicly displays on his website? The UofO sure knows how to pick 'em.