U of O Watch mission, in the words of Foucault...

"One knows … that the university and in a general way, all teaching systems, which appear simply to disseminate knowledge, are made to maintain a certain social class in power; and to exclude the instruments of power of another social class. … It seems to me that the real political task in a society such as ours is to criticise the workings of institutions, which appear to be both neutral and independent; to criticise and attack them in such a manner that the political violence which has always exercised itself obscurely through them will be unmasked, so that one can fight against them." -- Foucault, debating Chomsky, 1971.

U of O Watch mission, in the words of Socrates...

"An education obtained with money is worse than no education at all." -- Socrates

video of president allan rock at work

Friday, March 26, 2010

Rex Murphy tears the U of O a new asshole

Yup, here is the video clip from CBC's The National: LINK-TO-VIDEO.

What could the Allan Rock administration do for the U of O that is worse than degrading the school's reputation to this degree across all print, radio, and TV media in the country?

From gun registry accounting, to tainted blood reparations, to giving Brian Mulroney two million dollars of taxpayer money, to reversing Canada's position on Palestine at the UN... and now this wholesale destruction at "Canada's university"...

Time for the Board of Governors to consider letting Allan Rock go?

Time to go again? It's in the hands of the Board.


Anonymous said...

For those who want Allan Rock fired, listen up:

Any person at the University of Ottawa can use Administrative Procedure 20-1 "REQUESTS TO THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS" section 2 subsection e) Request T for "all types of requests that require the approval of the Board of Governors but for which no special forms have been designed."


You didn't vote Allan Rock into office. But you can sure as hell kick him out.

Anonymous said...

Free speech, what a concept. Love it. I consider Ann dear to be a right wing comedian. That is her game. She does it well. That left wing ideologues don't get that is her last laugh. She is mostly attacked for being a woman who says these things that left wing men find threatening. After all, really it is not about sexual desire for most men? I like her for the reason that she does not give a hoot what men think of her. Think about that: A woman who does not care what men think of her. That is feminism. I personally don't agree with her,( Christianity is as much a myth as other religions) but that she makes a stand is to be applauded. She just uses left wing arguments against itself. Ha. you go girl.