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U of O Watch mission, in the words of Socrates...

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Israel lobby in action at Canadian universities

UIA (United Israel Appeal) Federations - document (PDF)

B’nai Brith - document (PDF)

Hillel (“The Centre for Jewish Campus Life”) - document (PDF)

These three documents (above links), obtained by Professor David Noble of York University through freedom of information requests, illustrate how the Israel lobby in Canada uses its influence to attempt to suppress dissent at Canadian universities. David Noble is Jewish and an outspoken critic of the Israel lobby. The UIA (United Israel Appeal) Federations is the umbrella organization for the Canadian Jewish Congress, the United Jewish Appeal, and Hillel, three zionist organizations which Noble has sued for defamation.


Anonymous said...

There is not one iota of material in any of these letters hinting at anything like suppression. You just made that up in a total vacuum of any evidence at all.

Your position is taking on an anti-semitic quality you should disavow. Don't hide behind the fact that Noble is Jewish to claim these documents suggest a jewish conspiracy to suppress dissent. That is a disgraceful code used for centuries to justify anti-semitism, and nothing more.

eibieman said...

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About the Anonymous comment ;

To read into the reference of "three zionist organizations which Noble has sued for defamation" that all Jewish organizations are being included, is to confuse Zionist with Jewish. For, if only all Zionist organization are Jewish then the Jewish non-Zionist organizations would not be Jewish. Logical isn't it. One identity is being substituted for another, the Zionist in place of the Jewish identity. All this in the name of the Jewish People. Obviously there is no Jewish People according to the State of Israel, since the great majority that do not live in Israel do not have a vote, because they are not citizens. Even the renowned Jewish Right of Return only exists for those who support the Zionist State of Israel. It is a redefinition of the Jewish Identity in contradiction with even the current practice of the majority.


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Anonymous said...

You have zoomed off on a rhetorical tangent.

There's nothing in the material Rancourt posted that hints at suppression. Not a hint, not a shadow, not one single iota of actual evidence. And this is not surprising for one, very simple reason. I'll leave you, and him, to guess what that might be.

Anonymous said...

This site is completely loopy. Time for me to climb back out of this bizarre little rabbit hole and drop a bowling ball into it.

Denis, good luck with whatever you do in your next profession.

anarchore said...

Anonymous, there is a(very successful) Jewish conspiracy to suppress dissent, what do you think Bnai B'rith and the CJC do all the time?

How long will you people be able to keep a lid on it?

The Israel Lobby has so much power in Canada, it is not likely that Canada will ever have a balanced policy again.

This is exacerbated by the confounding and inexplicable tendency of ‘progressives’ to ignore the power of The Lobby.

They criticize Isr-el, but ignore the role of Jewish owned media and pressure organizations in shaping Canada’s policy towards Isr-el. The Israel Lobby in Canada got Lesley Hughes thrown off the ballot for stating some facts about Israel’s foreknowledge of 9/11–facts that were corroborated by an Isr-eli paper.

Powerful lobby groups like the CJC and Bnai B’rith successfully lobbied for War on Terror legislation that has severely curtailed Canadian’s rights, resulting in innocent Muslims being locked up without charges for years before their trials, and got Zundel detained in Canada under an unconstitutional security certificate. They have successfully lobbied for laws that persecute Canadians who exercise their right to free speech.

Now Canadian leaders read speeches that sound like they were crafted in Tel Aviv, and Canada is shamefully the only country on 47 on the UN Human Rights Panel that voted not to condemn Isr-el’s Gaza slaughter.

Understanding Mearscheimer and Walt’s paper on The Israel Lobby is key to decoding politics today. This is a MUST read.


jackie said...

Anonymous: how do _you_ explain Canada's vote on the UN human rights commission?

eibieman said...

In reply to anarchore who said...
there is a(very successful) Jewish conspiracy to suppress dissent, ...
The Israel Lobby has so much power in Canada...

Really, the Jewish bourgeoisie is that strong! Have a read of the political economy of Canada and you will see the extent of US control over the Canadian economy. Second of all, the Zionist Lobby would be nowhere if it were not for the Christian nfluence in the media etc. Actually, to begin with the occupation of Palestine began in 1917 by General Allenby who declared the "end of the Crusades" and the Zionist happily stepped into to carry on that 'noble' tradition of spilling both Arab and Jewish blood.